Case Studies on Innovative Social Inclusion Practices

The experiences, best practices and lessons learned through the project “Improving the provision of Social Service Delivery in South Eastern Europe through the empowerment of national and regional CSO networks”, implemented through IRIS Network, are represented within Case Studies on innovative social inclusion practice.

Six national innovative Case Studies have been developed, as a result of  social engagement and good cooperation between national IRIS network members in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia. The Studies are promoting inventive and sustainable solutions based on a social investment approach.

Innovative models of social services are aimed to improve the system of social protection, support and integration of the most vulnerable groups, with the special focus on youth in need. The very heterogeneous group of beneficiaries also includes victims of domestic violence, elderly and persons with disabilities.

Each case study includes:

a) Description of the innovative and sustainable example,

b) A qualitative assessment of the local social realities,

c) Means-tested analysis of the ‘clients’,

d) Reference to relevant EU policies and 

e) Qualitative assessment on the up scaling potential.

To read more follow the links bellow:

CS Albania

CS Bosnia and Herzegovina

CS FYR Macedonia

CS Kosovo

CS Montenegro

CS Serbia

Social service policy influencing in SEE

Based on the national congresses of the IRIS networks in the region, each national IRIS network prepared Policy paper with the aim to focus on several specific issues within social service delivery in SEE which they decided to raise as being the most important ones.  Topics of the policy documents were widely discussed in consultations with the national networks membership, as well as the authority representatives. Policy papers topics are:  Victim Protection and Safety in Cases of Domestic Violence in Kosovo, Decentralization of Services and Cooperation Between Government  and Non-government  Providers of Social Services in FYROM, Implementation of National/Regional Strategies in the Field of Mental Health Protection in Serbia, Development of Social Services on Local Level in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Improving the social service delivery by enhancing the role Civil Society Organisations in Albania, Applicability of Standards for the Provision of Social Services in CSOs in Montenegro. Additionally, another policy paper was created reflecting situation in SEE and possible joint actions to be implemented.  Based on these Policy Papers the National IRIS Networks will conduct Advocacy Campaigns in 2016. To read policy papers click on the following links.

Policy paper South East Europe

Policy paper Albania

Policy paper Bosnia and Herzegovina

Policy paper Kosovo

Policy paper Macedonia (FYROM)

Policy paper Montenegro

Policy paper Serbia

SOLIDAR briefing on social progress in WB now available

This briefing paper provides policy recommendations on how to promote human rights and social investment in the Western Balkan region in response to European Commission’s Progress reports on the Enlargement Strategy and challenges 2014 – 2015. Specific recommendations on how to tackle the ongoing migrant and refugee crisis along the Western Balkan route are also presented in this briefing paper.

Briefing paper