CSO as decision makers

EU countries work together in the field of social inclusion using a framework for political cooperation called the Open Method of Coordination.  This involves agreeing common objectives and common indicators, which show how progress towards these goals can be measured.

The methodology of open method of coordination will be used within the IRIS network and other stakeholders in target countries. Additionally, the European Commission works with countries that have applied to join the EU to help them reform their social welfare systems.  Priorities for action are set out in ‘Joint Inclusion Memoranda’. Based on the EU experience it is plan for last phase of the project to develop and establish Local Joint Inclusion memoranda between community based actors and local authorities (see: http://ec.europa.eu/employment_social/soc-prot/soc-incl/jim_en.html).

The experience, best practices and lessons learned through the project may be replicated within similar local and international interventions.

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