Traineeship program

Part of the capacity building efforts will consider individual Traineeships at 5 EU-based social service providers in Sweden, UK, Netherlands, Italy and Spain and two EU policy Fellowships to the EU in Belgium.

IRIS network will conduct assessment of needs of social service providers per sector (Elderly care, Care for persons with disability, Gender based and domestic violence, Support to children and youth at risk and Migrants including all vulnerable groups affected by voluntary and forced migrations) and based on that results, TRAINEESHIP programmes will be developed together with SOLIDAR members based in the respective countries. Initial candidates selection will be done during the summer school.

The FELLOWSHIP programme will offer undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to spend 3 to 6 months in the Brussels-based Secretariat. Within programme related to active inclusion and social cohesion, fellows will have an opportunity to monitor the impact of EU policies related to the European Semester within EU Member States and the Enlargement Policy’s impact in the Western Balkans and present it to the SOLIDAR Social Affairs Forum. The fellowship will support the development of the annual monitoring report and the European round table. The IRIS network Committee will launch an open call for applications through the network, and will manage the selection process.

The traineeship and fellowship program will support development of internal human resources in 10 CSOs which will participate at the program. It will provide them unique opportunity to meet their peers from the EU, to learn about their everyday work and to adopt and transfer some of innovative practices from the EU.

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