National Congress of IRIS Network BIH

On 2nd and 3rd June 2015, the first National Congress was conducted in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at Vlasic Mountain.

The participants were members of the IRIS BiH network and representatives of Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Policy,  Ministry of Health and Social Welfare from RS, Academic institutions, ASB and LIR CD, in total 27 participants.

The Strategic planning mission was structured as an interactive workshop in order to outline main strategic areas for the future work of IRIS BiH Network, highlighting the most important points as a key factors to the IRIS Strategy Plan and discuss the basic organizational structure of the future network.  The strategic planning helped founders and members of the IRIS network reaching consensus and creating more dynamic network with capacity to influence policy and decision making processes in BiH. At the end,  along with the definition of the vision, mission, principals, values and main strategic goals, 3 Advocacy plans are developed and discussed with representatives from public sector, consequently receiving the concrete suggestions and recommendations  how to approach respective Ministries to achieve the results.

The detailed agenda of Strategic planning