EDC logoEducational Center Leskovac – EDC was established 16th of October 2000th. While setting the direction of an association, support youth associations and youth center was elected, as well as support the economic recovery of communities in order to create a stable base for the democratic development of the society. The principle of lifelong learning has been adopted as one of the basic principles for all members of the association, and the inclusion of experts in the change process has become a hallmark of the organization.


Education Centre is an association based on the local community whose mission is to support and promote the development of democratic society in Serbia. EDC strive to accomplish their mission by working in partnership with the community, building trust and cooperation in order to support a prosperous, responsible and tolerant society.

Capacity to manage and implement the program

Since 2000 EDC have implemented over eighty projects funded by international organizations, the business sector, national and local institutions. Courses of action An association is based on democratic and civic values, and their vision is achieved through three priority strategic directions:

  • Support the development of the non-profit sector,
  • Support economic development in the region and
  • Support youth initiatives.

In the area of ​​support for the non-profit sector, EDC is the foundation engaged in capacity building of NGOs and citizens and permanent monitoring of their work and progress. The largest number of activities geared towards the training and coaching of existing organizations. However, the EDC works in supporting the establishment of new associations and their registration.

Support economic development in the region is carried out through a process of encouragement and empowerment of citizens in entrepreneurial ventures and process support to existing SMEs. In the process of encouragement and empowerment of citizens to entrepreneurial ventures Centre provides various forms of training in starting a business, business plans, bookkeeping, marketing, etc …

Within the EDC a regional office operates for rural development supported by the Ministry of Agriculture Centre for the Ministries of Labour and Social policy performs unit to monitor and support the reform of the social welfare system. Within the support of youth initiatives work, EDC is based on inclusion, raising the level of participation and influence youth groups on the future development of society. Mentoring process of forming students’ union parliament in Jablanica districts and drafting its strategic plan are part of the process of continuous work of EDC to promote youth issues. EDC has been participating in the programming, implementation and evaluation of programs for the youth of the Western Balkans, Norwegian People’s Aid, financed from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for five years. In addition EDC participated in a youth exchange program of the EU and has been recognized in southern Serbia as a resource support to all youth initiatives. EDC also worked as a unit to monitor and support the National Youth Strategy.

Web site: www.nvo.org.rs

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