Zemlja djece BIH – COVID19 adaptation of activities

In the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, Iris Network member, Zemlja djece u BIH (Land of Children in BiH) reorganized the work of the Association in accordance with the measures of the relevant crisis authorities. Although “work from home” is one of the intensively used options, in all situations where this is possible, very intensive field work is still taking place through mobile teams, which, while respecting all applicable measures, provide humanitarian support the most vulnerable categories. Thus, families with children in which both parents are unemployed (more than 150), otherwise beneficiaries of the Day Care Center for street children and children at risk, are provided with a food and hygiene package, and continuous assistance in food, protective equipment and other non-food items. it is also provided for juvenile migrants from the East who occurred in Tuzla during the pandemic crisis. The complete restriction of group activities with children and women is sought to be overcome through the use of information technology. The contents of promoting healthy lifestyles are broadcast in collaboration with a local broadcaster, while the gender-transformative program for adolescents has been successfully transformed through the use of online platforms and social networks. Our “Be a Men Club” not only designs successful pandemic prevention content, it also organizes online peer counseling on crisis and related occurrences for all adolescents in need. Also, the volunteers of the Association have been very actively involved in the wider local initiative “Street Heroes” to help older fellow citizens.