Step of hope for people with disabilities


Government institutions of Brcko district are providing most of their services to children and youth (25%) and people with disability (20%) and only 10 % of these institutions are providing help to senior citizens without family care.
In the case of civil sector, organisations are mostly focused on providing services to persons with disability which is the case for around half of the CSO, and only 17% of them are dealing with children and youth.

These are just some findings of the project implemented by IRIS network members Youth Center “Vermont”, an association for helping mentally undeveloped people and „Step of hope“ Brod during September and October 2014. The focus of the action was mapping and finding best ways for the use of mutual resources and partner in delivering social services in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the main activities was the research which will be the basic tool in creating conditions for the establishment of day care centers for people with disabilities in Brcko District and Brod, BiH.