EU Traineeship Programme in Arci Comitato Territoriale di Lecce– Italy

Call for Applications for members of IRIS Network

Deadline for applications is April 5th.

In the framework of the EU-funded project IRIS NETWORKing CSOs for protection sensitive
migration management
, implemented by Initiative for Development and Cooperation (IDC) in cooperation with
partners ASB South East Europe, LIR CD BiH, La Strada Republic of North Macedonia, Initiative for
Social Change ARSIS Albania and SOS Telephone Montenegro. IDC is organizing an EU Traineeship
Programme open to staff members of CSOs providing social services in the Western Balkans, that are
part of the IRIS Network.
The programme offers to two selected candidates an opportunity to spend up to 4 weeks in the
premises of
Arci Comitato Territoriale di Lecce, Italy, and gain in-sight into the methodology, best
practices, quality standards for the services, referral pathways, EU legal framework within the social
protection system and other relevant issues related to the provision of social protection and services
in working with vulnerable groups, including migrants. The Traineeship program should provide
great support to development of internal human resources of the CSOs involved as well as support
for the licensing process. Thus, increase quality of social and legal services provided by CSOs through
capacity building activities. It will also provide them a unique opportunity to meet their peers from
the EU, to learn about their everyday work and to adopt and transfer innovative practices from the
Note: Term migrant is used in a wider sense and includes different categories such as, refugees,
IDPs, displaced persons, returnees under readmission agreement, asylum seekers, person likely in
need of international protection, victim of trafficking.

The traineeship in Arci Comitato Territoriale di Lecce will begin in the
week 22 – 26 April 2019.

About Arci Comitato Territoriale di Lecce (Arci Lecce)

Arci, a non-profit organization, was founded in 1957 for the construction of a democratic, supportive
and pluralistic society, founded on collaboration and participation of citizens. Today, it operates
through Cultural Associations and Clubs through Italy and has over 1 million members. Arci Lecce
has about 30 active clubs and cultural associations, about 8.000 members and associations in the
province of Lecce.
Arci Lecce has been working for years in the field of culture and social policies, in the area of
deviance, vulnerability, legality and social inclusion and cohesion especially with refugees and
Arci Lecce promotes better living conditions for young people, minors, migrants, citizens and families
in conditions of economic and social disadvantage, good practices in schools for the legality
education, equal rights and gender equality, reception settlement and integration of refugees and
migrants. Furthermore, Arci Lecce promotes within local community to respect disability and
diversity in all its forms. It also managed projects related to refugee reception and organizes largescale cultural events.
Arci Lecce implements numerous projects dealing with social inclusion of asylum seekers and
refugees, such as
The Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees, manages reception of
applicants in need of international protection
and AMIF project dealing with unaccompanied foreign
Furthermore, Arci Lecce manages Soffio Verde project dealing with active engagement of
asylum seekers and refugees and citizens in local communities
, A Tavola Con Noi project engaged in
cultural understanding in local communities, i.e. communication between refuges and asylum seeker
and citizens from local communities and many other.
The focus of the EU Traineeship Programme in Arci Lecce will around Sabir Festival and all the
workshop and activities for participants and asylum seekers hosted in the region, which will take
place between 16 – 19 May 2019.

For more information please visit and and download the Arci-Lecce brochure here.


What does the traineeship offer?
EU knowledge – insight into the work of EU civil society organization working with
vulnerable groups, including migrants
Practical experience – an opportunity to play a part in the Arci Lecce’s day-to-day
operations on programmes
Opportunity to put knowledge and skills into practice in your local community.
Covered travel, accommodation, health security and daily allowance during the whole
duration of the traineeship

What do we and Arci Lecce expect from you?
Willingness to learn about Arci Lecce and their programmes
Need to increase professional capacity in the area of migrant management and provision of
social services to vulnerable groups, including migrants, and transfer know how to your
Prepare a presentation describing the context in your country related to migrant
management and provision of social services and work of your organization, including
services provided to migrants during traineeship in Arci Lecce with the purpose of getting to
know each other better and understanding the environment in which your organization
works in
Contribution to everyday work with fresh insights
A proactive attitude

Education, key skills and competences of applicants
University degree in social science – Law, Psychology, Sociology, etc.
Good command of Italian is preferred but fluent English is also acceptable
A minimum of 1 year of active involvement and proven experience in CSOs and the area of
migration and provision of social services
Proven familiarity with social and migration policies
Possibility to transfer gained knowledge and experience into policies and everyday work of
your CSO.

Please note that this call is exclusively open for members (staff members and/or volunteers) of CSOs
providing social services in the Western Balkans that are part of the IRIS Network.

How to apply

If you are interested in participating in the EU Traineeship Programme, please send:
your CV in Europass format
1 page cover letter that clearly states your motivation and your objectives/learning
outcomes from this experience
Recommendation Letter from your current employer – IRIS Network member
to Jelena Leskovac at by 5 April 2019

Assessment of applications
The assessment of applications (in order to be placed on the shortlist) will be based on the
application submitted by the candidate. Please clearly indicate in the motivation letter of your
How the traineeship will impact your professional capacities and your organization’s
How you met the education, key skill and competences indicated above

Terms and conditions
The following costs will be covered:
Travel costs (including costs for VISA permit, if required)
Accommodation costs
Health insurance

In addition according to available funds, the selected candidate will receive a modest daily allowance
to cover subsistence costs (i.e. food and local public transports).
The traineeship in Arci Lecce for both candidates will be at the same period. The duration of the
traineeship may vary (3-4 weeks) depending on the travel and accommodation cost

Traineeship in France awarded to IRIS Network candidate Megi Kushi

Professional Staff Traineeship Programme in organization of IRIS Network and SOLIDAR has officially started few weeks ago in the premises of Ligue de l’enseignement des Pyrénées atlantiques at the mountain center ‘Le Cardet à Gourette’ in France. Traineeship is involving participant in the organization and development of different activities, non-formal learning and animation with children and teenagers, among whom persons with intellectual disabilities.

After they carefully reviewed numerous applications received, the IRIS Network in cooperation with SOLIDAR confirmed participation of Megi Kushi. Let us meet her and hear the impressions of the Training.

Megi Kushi, coming from Albania, is young intern at the National Association Education for Life-SHKEJ, one of the IRIS Network member organizations. She has Master Degree in Organizational Psychology and, even though she is just 23 years old, has quite an experience in the field of social service provision and working with vulnerable groups gained through formal and non-formal education and trainings. Over the last few years she had been working with children in need – groups of Roma and Egyptian children in Albania, as well as with children with autism. Beside Albanian, she fluently speaks English and French.

Within Professional Staff Training Programme, Kushi got the opportunity to improve skills related to her psychological work-profile: She has useful conversations with the children, helps them to feel comfortable and develop their interests in social interaction, based on healthy roots of self-esteem.

“I learnt how efforts of the team are the key in organizing multidisciplinary areas that are focused on the well-being of children. I also noticed the importance of motivation as the staff priority. Cardet centre represents this perfectly”, said Kushi.

Mountain Cardet centre, which is hosting ongoing Professional Training, hosts open school – discovery classes for children during holidays. The school is providing different activities whose topics range from discovering the environment to sport and human activities, all connected to the mountain. “Children can enjoy the company of each other, explore themselves and the nature surrounding them and become engaged with life rules”, explained Kushi.

In addition, Kushi mentioned that she learns a lot spontaneously, through the work routine, the discipline and the responsibility that the mission of Cardet is accomplishing with the children. She hopes of using most of skills and knowledge gained through this Training in her future work, after she gets back to Albania.