Small Grants Facility: CSO “Our Age”

Small Grants Facility CSO Our Age

Background of “Our Age”

NGO “Our Age” encourages senior citizens to actively participate in the improvement of their generation’s position. We promote active aging, volunteerism, generational and intergenerational cooperation. The organization was founded in 2012, and it gathers about twenty members of different ages.

Project “At home for the elderly” 

The aim of the project is to improve availability and quality of social care services for elder people in Montenegro. Implementing this project, NGO “Our Age” will try to perform an active role in developing the Local action plan of social inclusion in Podgorica for 2015. Throughout the planned activities, they will inform citizens about conditions in homes for the elderly and about other forms of institutional care for this social group. They will also strive to reduce prejudices, because, due to traditional attitudes and lack of information, the animosity toward accommodation in homes is widespread in the society.
The project includes visits to public homes for the elderly in Risan and Bijelo Polje, which are examples of good practices in Montenegrin social protection system.

According to the information which is to be obtained from the contact with management, staff and beneficiaries in the homes, “Our Age” will create a document with recommendations and best practice examples in order to improve life conditions of the elderly in homes. The document will be addressed to the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare  and presented at the round table entitled “Social services for the elderly,” which will mark the International Day of  Older PersonsOctober 1st.