Stories of hope – OCI/OGI

Stories of hope – OCI,OGI

Granny Milica and her geronto family

Organization for Civil Initiatives, member and partner of IRIS network, has been implementing Ministry’s of family, defenders and inter-generation solidarity  program “Helping at home to elderly persons” in the areas of municipality of Kistanje and Promina where share of elderly and disabled persons, in total population, is very high. Most of the older population in these areas live in hard conditions and cannot use institutional types of care for elderly and disabled.
Implementation of this program has greatly improved the lives of beneficiaries, from which many weren’t able to carry out basic life needs. Particular problem is that, these municipalities are pretty far from bigger cities like Knin, Šibenk and Drniš (cca 20km).
To all the beneficiaries of the program, contractors of the program, on everyday basis, carry out administrative tasks (personal documents, health insurance, orthopedic help, social care, Caritas, Red Cross), deliver the medicines or supplies to them or as needed, take them to the doctor.

One of fifty beneficiaries of the program, in the area of municipality of Kistanje is granny Milica Vranjković from Smrdelje. A place 15km away from Kistanje. This fragile older lady is born in 1927, lives alone, has no pension and receives social benefits in the amount of 80 EUR per month. Her health is seriously disrupted and no one comes to visit her except from the employees of the program “Helping at home to elderly and disabled”. Recently, she was sick with a cold, but didn’t want to go to hospital. She just kept saying she’ll get out of bed if her’s Rada and Dušanka come to see her (Rada and Dušanka are her geronto housewives) and sit with her, and when her handyman Ilija (also a person from the program) prepares the firewood. When needed the drove her to the doctor in Kistanje, brought her medicines and supplies and made her meals. The workers visit her even after their work time because this older woman considers them as her family. Beside the friendship and warm words, she feels like  can count on them. She takes her indigence much easier because they help her with house work and personal hygiene.  Every day, nanny Milica stands with her cane by the window and waits for Rada, Dušanka and Ilija.

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