Small Grants Facility: Association “Will to live”

Project “I can and I will”

The main objective of the project is the integration of persons with disabilities in social life through their active participation and constant engagement.
Day care center for people with disabilities “Lane” is a specific type of support to people with disabilities and their families. Working every day and successfully achieving program of prevention of social isolation of users. Nurses and teachers provide constant and selfless care for users. Throughout the planned project activities, Center Lane will employ two occupational therapists who will train people with disabilities to work on molds for making decorative candles, packaging and printing, and selling decorative candles. This will increase the number of engaged users and the proceeds of sale will enable purchase of new materials which will enhance and improve the functionality of the Day Care Centre. Part of the funds will be directed to monthly fees of occupational therapists, who will address the training needs of people with disabilities and help in making decorative candles. Throughout the project, with the help of the media, local community will be informed about project activities and the concept of partnership between civil society organizations and local communities in order to solve the problems of people with disabilities and the suppression of their isolation. At the same time efforts will be made to raise public awareness about the commitment and contributions of persons with disabilities in the local community, as well as their employment for the purpose of self-involvement in any sphere of social life.
At the end of the project implementation Association will organize a promotional event which will take place in the city center, where citizens of Velika Plana will be able to buy the handmade candles and learn more about the activities of the Day Care Centre throughout brochures and other promotional material. Main goal of this final event is promoting the skills and availabilities of people with disabilities.

The objectives to be achieved:

The specific objectives are:
– Strengthening and capacity building of users day care center for independent living through learning and mastering new skills in order to achieve feelings of fulfillment and usefulness;
– Strengthened capacity for employment, providing support for an integrated approach through the work of Day Care Centre where they will carry out occupational activities;
– Raising awareness of the rights for equal opportunities and creating the conditions for the inclusion of a wider population of citizens in order to reduce prejudice towards people with disabilities;
– Promotion of sustainable local development through the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community and their commitment and purpose of earning income;
– Promotion of the concept of partnership between civil society organizations, local government business sector in order to address locally important social issues and sustainable local development.

Background of Association “Will to live”

Association of persons with cerebral palsy “Will to live” was founded in Velika Plana in Serbia in 2003. The organization currently includes 150 members, of whom 39 persons with cerebral palsy and, while the others with different types of disabilities. The aimof the Association is to improve the mental condition of people with disabilities with psycho-social support. The mission of theAssociation is to improve the lives of people with disabilities, because they believe that all people with disabilities deserve a better future.