Personal assistance service for students with disabilities in Montenegro


The long-standing use of the medical model in the approach towards persons with disabilities (PWDs) in which they are passive observers of their lives, people in need of protection, care and concern has led to a large number of problems that these people encounter, as well as with high level of discrimination toward them. This kind of comprehensive protection usually means that these persons are constantly in isolation depending on others, or in some special institutions.

IRIS network member Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro is dedicated to providing support, opportunities and programs to strengthen the personal, educational and professional development of young people with disabilities. Their mission is to provide these young people a chance to become independent members of the society. Throughout the received grant form IRIS and in cooperation with Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. they developed practical policy for implementation, financing and improvement of personal assistance service. This will be used in future as a tool for addressing the needs of students and persons with disability and their quality support through the PA service in Montenegro.