Local Action Plan for Roma population in BiH

Roma are the most numerous minority group in BiH, with the estimated population of 50-60,000 people. Around 70 per cent of Romani cannot provide for their basic physical existence, while 90 per cent do not have the necessary documents enabling free health care and protection. Even though in Bosnia 1,5 million EUR is allocated annually for implementation of “Action Plan for Roma in the field of housing, employment and health care” no significant improvements were made particularly because local municipalities don’t know how to address the needs of this population. Roma NVOs are the only ones who have the knowledge and experience in this field. With the funds provided by the IRIS network, “Euro Rom”, created the Guidelines for municipalities which will become a tool for them in quality implementation of the Local Action Plans. This will finally allow the proper allocation of resources and the resolution of some of the biggest problems faced by Roma in Bosnia.