Iris Network Shadow reports

Shadow reports of the IRIS Network provide an independent answer against the issues related to migrant protection for which the state has committed. Annual Shadow reports monitor migrant-related social services from the point of view of the relevant policies: how social welfare services are developed from the point of view of migrant-related policy – inclusive education, social inclusion, inclusion at the labor market, etc. This approach links the development of the migrant-related social services with impacts in different relevant policies and provides another aspect and quality to the EU advocacy mechanism.


Under the “IRIS NETWORKing – CSOs for protection sensitive migration management” project Shadow Reports for Chapters 19 and 24 have been produced for all partner countries.

For country-specific information, please follow the links below:


Albania, chapter 19

Albania, chapter 24

Bosnia and Herzegovina, chapter 19

Bosnia and Herzegovina, chapter 24

Montenegro, chapter 19

North Macedonia, chapter 19

North Macedonia, chapter 24

Serbia, chapter 19

Serbia, chapter 24