Public hearing, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Public hearing, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In premises of the City Youth Centre Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the 28th of April, partner LIR Civil Society organized public hearing based on results and recommendation of the “Comparative Analysis of the Role of Civil Society in Providing Social Welfare Services in the Western Balkans”. Main objective of the hearing was to present recommendations for advocacy in order to improve the delivery of social services in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to highlight the importance of the role of NGOs in the provision of social services and the need of strengthening the partnership between the government and the NGO sector.

Representatives of Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska, from two entities and Brcko district, came to give their support to this project and IRIS network, and also to participate in discussion about future collaboration between civil society and government. About sixty representatives of civil sector and members of IRIS network took part in public hearing, amongst which IRIS partners presented  concluded activities and results in project Improving the provision of Social Service Delivery in South Eastern Europe through the empowerment of national and regional Civil Society networks” so far.

Natasa Stevanovic, Chief of Department for social protection and health, Brcko district, explained gathered about the system of quality control service providers and future plans related to the Brcko District which was followed by the presentation of the system of quality control service providers and future plans in this area in the Republic of Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Amongst key speakers were :

– Olivera Mastikosa , National Coordinator for improvement people with disabilities in the area of ​​social protection and coordinator for cooperation with partners in CSR, Republika Srpska,

– Dobrica Jonjic Assistant Minister of the Department for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities and the protection of civilian victims of war, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina;

– Marina Lučić, Coordinator of the project, Youth centre “Vermont Brčko”,

– Mirsada Bajramović, manager of the association „Zemlja djece“ Tuzla,

– Maša Mirković, excutive director of “Nova Generacija”, Banja Luka,

Other respected participants from Government  institutions were:

– Sakib Alebegovic Assistant to Minister of Ministry of health, work and social politics of Una Sana Canton (FBiH);

– Sulejman Alijagic, Assistant to the Minister, Federal Ministry for displaced persons and refugees, also Associates for BiH;

– Zlata Papric, director for Centar for mental health, Brcko District;

– Stela Dukic, Assistant to the Ministry for work, social protection and refugees Zenica-Doboj Canton;

– Blaz Zuparic, Minister of health, work and social politics Posavski Canton;

– Azem Poljic Assistant to the Minister of Ministry for work, social protection and return;

Public speaking was concluded with a discussion on the best ways to improve the quality control system of social welfare services in the public and NGO sector in which many participants had the opportunity to express their views and recommendations.

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