PREDA Plus helps to refugees in FYROM

PREDA Plus is providing immediate help to the refugees on exit point in FYROM in Tabanovce.  In cooperation with ASB, PREDA Plus distributed 150 humanitarian packages per day, out of which 50 for women and 100 for men. This number roughly covers 5 to 10% of the total distributed humanitarian aid at the spot.  Additionally, PREDA Plus provided food and milk for the refugee children, as well as the blankets.

The situation at the border-crossing Tabanovce is changing from hour to hour. At the moment, 4000-5000 people are crossing to Serbia daily. Most of the refugees are using trains for transit, but some of them are transiting via busses and/or taxi.

Due to the change of weather conditions (lower temperature, rain and fog) there is a need of additional type of aid packages: warm clothes (jackets), boots and raincoats.

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