lir cd - logoLIR Civil Society was established 13.12.2012 in Banja Luka as a civil association . LIR Civil society is the successor to Local Development Initiatives (LIR ), which was established 4.6.2003 in Banja Luka.

Citizens Association LIR Civil Society , CD stands LIR ( LIR Civil Society ) is a non -profit, non-political and humanitarian organizations, qualified to work on various aspects of civil society , economic development and environmental protection . LIR CD has many years of experience in the identification , design and implementation of integrated and development projects funded by the European Union and other financiers (UNDP , REC , CCI , SNV , IFC , local institutions ) . LIR CD Associates has extensive experience in the development of civil society and business development, including working with vulnerable populations , implementation of projects, waste management and environmental protection , the implementation of empirical research , analyze policies and processes and education . LIR CD has many years of experience in the creation and implementation of educational programs / activities that include conducting workshops , seminars , round tables , training in various areas , public awareness campaigns , development of promotional materials , studies and the strategies . LIR CD geographically operates throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina and implement projects at the regional level ( Serbia , Croatia , Montenegro ) . LIR LIR CD I have so far implemented 30 projects in various sectors: civil society , economic development , environmental protection and energy efficiency.

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