clard logoCenter for Legal Aid and Regional Development – CLARD is a local NGO funded in 2007 as inheritor of the activities which the Spanish NGO MPDL-Movement for Peace has been implementing in Kosovo since 2002 with the funds of the governmental Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID).

The Organization is founded with the purpose of contributing to the promotion and protection of Human Rights, with a particular view to facilitating vulnerable individuals better access to justice, to the establishment of Rule of Law and to foster social and economic inclusion of marginalized segments of the population towards achieving a future feasible achievement of European standards of development and welfare.

CLARD staff presents a multiethnic profile with a deep understanding of Kosovo society and its legal and economic framework and has been committed for more than 8 years to the implementation of projects that have been and will continue to be primarily focused on the following activities:

  • Providing legal and social assistance and counseling to internally displaced persons, refugees, returnees, minorities and vulnerable groups.
  • Permanently follow activities and development of legal system especially in stage of implementation of different laws.
  • Organize public campaigns and trainings in purpose of raising the awareness of population especially in the filed of law and social issues.
  • Prepare strategic documents and operative programs related with rule of law and civil and administrative legal issues.
  • Advising and supporting of small and medium enterprises development through productive aid grants, and boost an enabling environment for private sector development.
  • Support the access to labour market of socio-economic vulnerable groups through vocational training workshops.
  • Cooperate with relevant organizations and institutions inside and outside of country, in purpose of implementation of the projects on local and regional level.

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