Montenegro in the integrated migration management process – Monitoring report

Montenegro in the integrated process migration management – Monitoring report

The Government of Montenegro, in February 2017, after obtaining an opinion from the EC, adopted the Strategy for integrated migration management in Montenegro for the period 2017-2020. Monitoring and reporting on the implementation of measures planned by the strategy is the responsibility of the Ministry of internal affairs. This is the second strategic document in the field of migration because the Government of Montenegro, in March 2011. adopted the Strategy for Integrated Migration Management in Montenegro for the period 2011-2016.

The main goal of the Strategy is full harmonization and establishment of the legal framework, as well as additionally strengthening the institutional framework that provides the opportunity for effective policy implementation control of migration movements in accordance with EU rules and standards, as well as the establishment monitoring system for monitoring the Strategy and implementation of action plans. The ultimate goal of the Strategy is establishing a society with a late system and recognizable results in the field integrated migration management, which will contribute to regional and overall stability in accordance with EU rules and standards.

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