Mentoring for licensing and increasing quality standards – IRIS Network

The IRIS Network is launching a Call for Mentoring support program for IRIS national networks member organizations from 6 countries: Albania, Kosovo*, Montenegro, the Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Overall objective is to achieve stronger capacity of the CSOs to impact on decision making process in protection of human rights and anti-discrimination policies of marginalized groups in WB region

Specific objectives:

  1. a) to increase quality of social services provided to vulnerable groups through service licencing
  2. b) to increase organizational capacity and contribute to institutional sustainability
  3. c) to apply the Human Rights Based Approach and gender mainstreaming into programming


IRIS Member organisations fulfilling the following criteria are eligible to apply:

  • Be a publicly recognised, legal non-profit making entity under the relevant laws, where such laws exist;
  • Are a local organisation;
  • Registered minimum 1 year before this Mentoring program is announced;
  • Located and operating within the target countries;
  • Working in the area of social inclusion and provision of social services on local level;
  • Have a clearly defined focus for improvement of delivery of the social services;
  • Have clear decision-making mechanism independent from the government;
  • Have strategic determination towards acquiring state licence for provision of social services in the targeted country;
  • Are able to prove basic human, technical and institutional capacities for acquiring licence.


Main output of this Call is: at least 30 CSOs initiated the licensing process or have developed strategic / action plan for specific social services in accordance with CSO needs and required documentation for licencing process in accordance with standards for development of services; at least 30 CSOs are applying the Human Rights Based Approach and gender mainstreaming into programming.


How to apply and procedure to follow?

Applications should be written in English language. Applicant must submit and filled out next documents:

With application documents, Applicants must send the following additional documentation (scanned):

  • Scanned copy of Registration of organization;
  • Scanned copy of Statute of organization;


All documents should be submitted in electronic format, with scanned pages where signature and stamp is needed.

Incomplete applications, applications submitted by any other means and/or forms than provided in this document will not be taken in consideration.


Deadline for submission of applications

Applications should be sent to email address of partner in each country which are listed below and Cc: no later than 1st of March 2024 with email subject stating “Mentoring program – CSOs”.

Serbia – IDC Serbia –

BiH – Local Initiative for Development Civil Society (LIR CD) –

Montenegro – Alfa Center –

North Macedonia  – Community Development Institute (CDI) –

Kosovo* – Center for Independent Living –

Albania – Center for Labour Rights –