LEDA Development Association – COVID19 reaction

Iris Network member, LEDA Development Association Due to the new situation with COVID-19 LEDA suspended fieldwork, complying with measures to prevent the spread of the infection. Theirs primary users are pre-school children and they communicate with children and families via telephone and online platforms. It is very important that LEDA follow the instructions and keep our contacts to a minimum, and again find a way to keep their users from being ignored. Because they are prevented from working in the field and supporting little ones in kindergartens, their hardworking online educators encourage little ones to spend time in isolation more easily and with more fun. They make fun games for them, and the children, on the other hand, kids are happy to send their work to LEDA. The least LEDA can do is post them on website, thus stimulating other parents to spend time at home in a fulfilled way. As an organization, LEDA are at the disposal of its users, and thay can gladly be mediators when it comes to assistance packages or other assistance to the socially vulnerable categories. LEDA: “Stay at home, everything will be fine.”