Jesuit Refugee Service Serbia – Integration House Presentation

Jesuit Refugee Service Serbia – Starting our mission in Serbia in 2016 we explored needs and opportunities to find the best possible way to help those who need it. Working on the field, communicating with other civil society organizations and with government institutions we identified a gap in the protection of unaccompanied minors which is why we established Pedro Arrupe Integration House back in May 2017. Since then, we provided accommodation to more than 70 children, who were identified as victims of sexual violence, exploitation, smuggling and potential victims of human trafficking or they were just too young to be alone anywhere. Supported by our donors, in cooperation with Serbian authorities, our experience was being presented as an example of good practice to all actors involved in refugee protection in Serbia in the fields of integration, protection and promotion of human rights of children. This gives us a good position to advocate for the rights of children in other fields such as education, community-based services and better legal protection. Telling a story about our work is always hard; sometimes we think we are too critical of ourselves and sometimes that we give ourselves too much credit. So, it is best when you get inputs from someone who has been for a short time part of our team, and perception he gets tell us a lot.