Iris Network COVID19 reaction stories – Tračak Nade

“EVERY PART IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT!” Given the emergency situation, which excludes mass gatherings and events, “Tračak Nade” was an alternative solution to mark World Autism Awareness Day on social media and thus break down prejudices that autism is disease and that children with autism live closed in their world.

Tračak nade wants to highlight their abilities, not their shortcomings, and send the message that they only perceive the world around them differently and that the support of all of us is very important. on autism realized an online creative workshop for members of the Association and volunteers through a video conference. The aim of the workshop was to Tračak Nade Foča volunteers and children with the assistance of parents, siblings, and with the direct instructions of the expert team, make props planned to mark the World days of awareness of autism. The workshop was very successful.In addition to acquiring new practical vj Throughout this workshop, the users encouraged fine motor skills, creativity, attention and concentration. Since both volunteers and a professional team participated in the workshop, the feeling of loneliness due to social isolation was significantly reduced. Although all separately from their homes, still with joint effort and creativity, we put together another puzzle, and thus provided support to people from the spectrum of autism.