Iris Network COVID19 reaction stories – Naše doba

NGO Naše doba deals with issues of interest to senior citizens, and our members are mostly retirees. Our age group was particularly vulnerable to the Corona virus and, while required by epidemic protection measures, we did not gather. We used only electronic communication and created a project that encourages other older people to use this type of communication more. Almost everyone in our generation has chronic diseases and we need doctors more often than younger ones, and medicines every day. In Montenegro, there is an electronic service through which health insured persons can make an appointment with their doctor and request medications that the doctor regularly prescribes. However, the elderly rarely use e-services, although most of them have a smartphone and use the Internet. That’s why we made a video guide for using the eHealth service. It simply explains and shows step by step how to register, schedule an examination and order regular therapy. The video was published on the Facebook page of NGO Naše doba and on the website –

We believe that this instruction will continue to help many, and not only the elderly, and spare them unnecessary going to the clinic. During the corona crisis, we were supposed to learn to use applications on smartphones at the Club for the Elderly in Podgorica. Thus, with the consent of fAKT donors, we mastered an unplanned lesson.