Iris Network COVID19 reaction stories – Center for Roma Initiatives

In accordance with the decision of the Government of Montenegro dated 16 March 2020, due to the Corona virus pandemic, Center for Roma Initiatives Nikšić introduced several necessary measures, one of which is on-call to the landline from 08:00 to 16:00 ha thereafter. re-routing to executive coordinator number, a mobile psychological counseling hotline was also introduced for victims of domestic violence 24 h.

Members of the organization at this time provide the service of a confidential person for victims of domestic violence.

The organization is involved in the Home Security Campaign conducted by the Ministry of internal affairs, which provides a hotline for victims of domestic violence.

Also, a local mediator of our organization in Podgorica has been continuously sewing protective masks for the Roma and Egyptian communities since the start of the COVID – 19 pandemic.

Activists and volunteers of the Center for Roma Initiatives participated in several food and hygiene packages with the coordination of the Red Cross.

In an interview with the News, the Center for Roma Initiatives called for the disinfection of Roma and Egyptian settlements in Niksic. Rapid response of PE “Water Supply and Sewerage” disinfection in several Roma and Egyptian settlements.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic start, the organization has been informing the general public about the current state of the community and urging the provision of emergency hygiene and nutrition packages for the Roma and Egyptian communities in Montenegro.