Iris Network COVID19 reaction stories – Defendologija

The resulting epidemiological situation affected all spheres of life, but with strict adherence to all prescribed measures, the Center for Security, Sociological and Criminologist Research continued its work with users, children and parents primarily by providing basic foodstuffs to vulnerable families, who remained without basic means of subsistence, without food, hygiene. During the entire period behind Defendologija, with the support of our strategic partners Save the Children from several divisions, over 100 families received assistance, while with the support of private individuals, the Red Cross, the National Kitchen, the Center for Social Work, the Center for Roma Initiatives, Repopulation Affirmation Center, Miljanić cheese factory, Goranović butcher shop, doo Popović, NTC shop, managed to deliver help several times upon request and need to families whose children are directly involved in life and work on the street.

Good cooperation again showed the strength and importance of togetherness, support and mutual understanding, anti-discrimination and anti-marginalization. This period was critical when it comes to monitoring regular classes for members of the RE population, but the common will and struggle, as well as the built system of trust with users and this time resulted in support by phone, social networks and all other available means, so the users of the Day Center had the full support of the expert team of Defendology in this situation as well. On this occasion, according to the children’s requests, we handed out school supplies for over 100 children (notebooks, crayons, blocks, tempera). This period, although very negative in many aspects of life, in part contributed in a positive way, in a way that some families connected, so in regular communication with parents together we supported learning, family cohesion, togetherness and the importance of the family as a main pillar of one society.

This whole period has shown us once again that we are an integrated support service that is trusted and that only in this way we create a bridge to fight poverty, social exclusion, on the path to understanding, acceptance and togetherness.