Iris Network COVID19 reaction stories – CAZAS

At the time of measures aimed at suppressing and preventing the transmission of virus coronas, measures were also introduced at CAZAS to protect the health of employees, and the organization of work was modified. Namely, one employee is on duty at the main office every weekday from 9 am to 2 pm. Other employees work from home. All activities that involve gathering more than one person in one place are postponed until further notice (seminars, round tables, meetings, etc.). During this period, emphasis was placed on online activism and online counseling. Working hours of drop-in centers in Podgorica and Bar, in accordance with the Government’s measures, were reduced to the period from 16 to 18h, while the field work remained unchanged, with mandatory observance of measures of protection and preservation of health. In order to protect the health of employees, the provision of hygiene services in drop-in centers is currently suspended, while counseling with a psychologist, social worker or physician is done exclusively by telephone or through a social media account at @smanjenje_stete_cazas. Lunch packages are distributed to customers without modification, while the exchange and distribution of injection supplies is done in large quantities to reduce the number of social contacts.