Iris Network COVID19 reaction stories – Association for Democratic Prosperity ZID

The work of the Association for Democratic Prosperity ZID during the COVID-19 pandemic In accordance with the measures prescribed by the Government of Montenegro, regarding the COVID19 pandemic, the work of ADP ZID changed its work regime by switching from office to online mode. In order to adapt to the situation in which the whole world finds itself, our service in which we work with gambling addicts and those who gamble at a problematic level has continued to function, but in the form of online counseling sessions through the application “Viber” and “Zoom”. The members of our team continued to follow the needs of our society in their homes and accordingly worked on the projects they received, in a slightly changed environment, but just as well as they have done so far. At the same time, adapting to the situation we found ourselves in, the rest of the ADP ZID team continued to organize a series of activities for this year, and one of those activities is the “i2space challenge days” challenge. By organizing this challenge, we offer young people, whose plans for seasonal work have been changed due to the new situation with the new Corona virus, or have lost their jobs, do not know what to do when the situation in the country stabilizes, the opportunity to have an idea of ​​what to do next. , they develop with the help of a series of awards that we give them. With regular “Zoom” meetings, ADP ZID, with an innovative and team spirit, managed to confront the Corona virus, and to continue its activities as it did before the situation with COVID19.