First National helpline for victims of domestic violence in Montenegro


Statistic information on domestic violence in Montenegro remains inaccurate. There is still no national strategy or data, and each of the responsible institutions addresses this problem differently. Woman and children, vicims of violence, are forced to seek help from different, mainly non-governmental organization and services. Female service assistance and support in Montenegro have a key role in empowering victims and providing intensive care and support. SOS hotlines proved to be the ost effective initial support to these victims, having over 30 000 phone calls annually. There is still no national SOS hotline, even though this is envisaged in all relevant UN and EU documents.

SOS telephone Niksic, member of the IRIS network, received funds to advocate for a free National helpline for domestic violence and violence against women in order to influence much needed reforms in this field. SOS telephone Niksic, with three more partners from towns of Ulcinj, Bjelo Polje and Berane and in close collaboration with all relevant ministries in Montenegro, developed and adopted a Rule book on operation of the first national helpline in Montenegro. Additionally, the, work group of these organizations became partner of the Government in all future decision-making processes considering reforms in this field.

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