First impressions of our trainee in Madrid

Jasmina Hasanagić, IRIS Network candidate participating in professional training in Movimiento por la Paz (MPDL) in Madrid (Spain) is spending her first week at the assignment. These are her first impressions.

“My first week of traineeship in MPDL was very very interesting. The first day I spent in Escuela de Paz (School for Peace) where I got a lot of information about this part of MPDL program from MPDL responsible staff. Through direct involvement in one of workshops for children I had a great opportunity to see how everything goes in practice. My second day was also very interesting because I was involved in Humanitarian Aid Program which I like the most, for now.

For the rest of the week I was involved in MPDL Community Meditation Program in Fuenlabrada. I had an opportunity to see how MPDL and partner organization work in the field of women issues in this area which I consider very important for my work too. Especially, I like the possibility to discuss about these issues with a real professionals and some of beneficiaries and to exchange a bit of my experience with them in this field. I have noticed  that so many problems we’re both dealing are very similar and overlapping, but solutions varies. I consider this as very inspiring!

In general, program is very well organized, my colleagues are so polite and friendly and do their best to involve me in all parts of proposed activities. I really feel as a part of the team! I like that everything is so interactive and without a pressure which makes every work day very motivating. I already feel like I have learned a lot and appreciate the opportunity to participate in this traineeship programme.”

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