Call for experts – Iris Network Shadow report



About IRIS Network

IRIS network is the only regional network that brings together CSOs social service providers in South East Europe. IRIS connects currently 200 member organizations that provide different types of social services to different vulnerable groups: people with disability, children, and youth at risk, women victims of family violence, refugees, asylum seekers, etc.

IRIS aims to strengthen the role of not-for-profit social service providers throughout SEE and to ensure that these organizations are recognized as equal partners by the public sector.

IRIS was founded in 2012 and from the mere beginning we had huge support from our partners in the European Union and in the CSF program.


About the Call

This call for applications is launched to invite interested and qualified candidates to submit their applications for Consultant/Expert in production of Regional Shadow reports.

All applications will be evaluated on the basis of expertise and experience.

Those candidates who are selected will be notified by the IRIS Network or ASB staff.

Please send the application to


The focus of the Shadow Reports should be monitoring of social inclusion policies in the area of employment, education, accommodation and health care.

The Regional Shadow Reports will consist of monitoring results related to Chapter 19 and Chapter 24 presented in the Shadow Reports for each of the countries – Albania, B&H, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

For scope of work, description of the assignment, responsibilities, requirements and other relevant information please see attached Terms of reference.

Relevant documents – the Terms of reference and Draft of the applicable Service contract and its special and general conditions  and General Conditions


The application should consist of:

  1. CV – in English language,
  2. References,
  3. Recommendation letters or portfolio of previous work are welcome, but not obligatory.