Awarded candidates for mentoring program

In framework of Mentoring program, IRIS Network awarded successful candidates for the purpose of assisting in acquirement of licences for provision of social services and introducing ISO standards in CSO management system.

Since several target countries from SEE region have adopted quality standards for social services and introduced the licensing of social services, CSOs are faced with lack of resources to prepare documentation and fulfill standards in order to be able to use public funds for financing. This is influencing state-civil society dialogue at all levels and damages legitimacy, transparency and accountability of CSOs which are providing social services. Part of capacity building process of Network members is engaging of experts for specific sectors in order to consult CSOs in preparation of required elaborates and reports.

Lack of efficient management is very visible at the CSOs providing social services. IRIS members expressed willingness to introduce standards into their management system in order to raise the level of quality, reliability, safety and efficiency. CSOs will introduce ISO 9001:2015 standard into their management enhanced credibility and access to funding from the corporate sector.

Awarded CSOs for licencing program can be found here.
Awarded CSOs for certification program can be found here.

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