IDC is helping refugee children

Since the beginning of September 2015, IDC has started implementing the program for refugee children and their families residing in the park near the bus station and the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade. Together with their parents, children are travelling long way through the often dangerous and inhospitable places, without much food and water, sleeping in tents or under the open sky, in a situation of existential insecurity. In these circumstances, their psycho-social needs are often put aside. Therefore, the IDC started a program primarily designed for children refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Eritrea and other countries, travelling through the territory of Serbia. Program is consisted of: workshops, watching cartoons, visits of clown, games playing and other activities targeting children. Also, along with a number of organizations, including the Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac and organization ADRA, IDC’s young volunteers distributed food, water and sweets to children, which were donated by Mondelez International.

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