Helping refugees in Croatia – activities of Volunteer Centre Osijek

Based on the latest information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs over 130 000 refugees have entered Croatia so far. Hundreds of volunteers have shown great motivation to help save people’s lives and dignity. Many organizations try to help with their resources. From September 18th Volunteer Centre Osijek, in cooperation with CARE International, has organized over 100 volunteers in everyday support activities for refugees in transit centre Opatovac, a place near Croatian eastern border with Serbia, but also border crossings Tovarnik and Bapska. Volunteers are engaged in delivering humanitarian aid (food packages, clothes, raincoats, etc.) in the camp, providing support to refugees, mothers with young children who need medical and social care and helping with registration of refugees. The profiles of volunteers are very different by age, professions, education etc.  Many prominent individuals in communities are taking part in the action: actors, writers, university professors, psychologist etc. This crisis has shown a great potential for solidarity and volunteerism, proving  the need for active and strong civil society.

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