First partnership meeting of initiative IRIS NETWORKing

For the purpose of launching of the project „IRIS NETWORKing – CSOs for protection sensitive migration management, first partnership building meeting was held in Hotel Palace in Belgrade on 24th and 25th January 2018. The meeting was organized by IDC and attended by all project partners: Open Gate (FYROM), SOS Podgorica (Montenegro), LIR CD (B&H), ISC ARSIS (Albania) and ASB (Germany). The aim of the meeting was to strengthen the cooperation between project partners and communicate clear strategic goals for the following period.
Partnership agreements were signed by all partners. The Agreements indicated operational basis for the functioning of the project team and stipulated roles and responsibilities of signatory parities, financial part of the agreement as well as technical and financial reporting arrangements.
The Standard Operating Procedure is agreed indicating all relevant project implementation modalities to be used during implementation. The SOP is a “living” document and will be adapted during the course of the action depending on needs which might arise during implementation.
Having the procedures set up at the early stage of the action will allow the smooth implementation of the entire project. It will simplify monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the project outcomes.
Project is supported trough the European Commission Programme Consolidating Regional Thematic Networks of Civil Society Organizations.